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Strip Slicer 2.5mm Orange

A Strip Slicer is a great alternative to a traditional grater! The 2.5mm slicer is perfect for Vegetables for Salads, Cheese and to Garnish.

Its sharp enforced Stainless Steel blades work best to cut through the surface without bruising. The wide board provides a solid wide base for grating and when rested against a chopping board or on top of a bowl it provides more accuracy and strength - making you able to get the job done faster!

Tips for better use..

It may help to wet the board slightly before using which will help the vegetable slide over the blades easier. 

Ensure your force is directed forward and not downward, this will help let the blades do all of the hard work.

Make sure you follow thorough the complete length of the vegetable so that the slice can go all the way through and finish at the end - don't stop in the middle. 


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